About Band & Bezel

Our Story

We are passionate watch collectors on a journey to share our love for watches with others like us. We started out as young enthusiasts trying out different timepieces, from simple Timex to vintage Rolexes. As we explored more and gained experience, we learned to appreciate the value of quality and unique features. We discovered that even small details can make all the difference in a watch's perceived value and started envisioning ways to enhance our own collections.


The common misconception is that top-quality watches and straps often come with exorbitant prices, making them inaccessible to most enthusiasts, and this is the challenge we want to take on by forming Band & Bezel. Our core mission is to deliver unique products that offer customized designs with premium quality at non-discouraging prices. Through a selection of carefully curated watch straps, enthusiasts can enhance their watches tenfold and express their unique personal styles.


The Band & Bezel Guarantee


At Band & Bezel, we are committed to delivering the highest quality watch straps that not only enhance the functionality of your timepiece, but also serve as a personal expression of style and personality. Our products are designed in Canada with raw materials procured from the finest tanneries in France, and final products ultimately manufactured in Asia. We inspect each strap before it leaves our hands to ensure that it carries our stamp of quality, beauty and durability. We strive to provide the best straps for both casual and seasoned collectors, balancing luxury and practicality.

We welcome all enthusiasts on our journey as we grow and progress.