Strap Mill Canada vs Band & Bezel: Comparison Review

Band & Bezel & Strap Mill Canada emerge as prominent choices for Canadian watch collectors. Each brings their unique flair to the table. This comparison review delves into the nuances of these two brands, highlighting their distinct approaches to watch strap craftsmanship.

Both companies offer quality watch straps that could be the perfect strap for your watch. From the custom, handcrafted options of Band & Bezel to the distinct designs and affordable prices of Strap Mill Canada, this article will guide you through their offerings to help you find the strap that perfectly complements your watch and style. 

Band & Bezel:

  • Specializes in leather straps, original NATO straps, rib NATO straps, and seatbelt NATO straps.
  • Focuses on handcrafted, custom strap options, allowing for personalization. 
  • Committed to using eco-friendly and genuine quality materials, ensuring quality and durability. 
  • Band & Bezel is more focused on specific functional watch straps such as NATO straps and leather watch straps, emphasizing craftsmanship and security. 
Strap Mill Canada: 
  • Offers additional types of straps including thin nylon, single pass, 2-piece nylon, rubber straps, and various accessories. 
  • Designs and packages their products in Canada, with manufacturing ties in Asia. 
  • Strap Mill Canada is known for their diverse, beautiful strap colours and designs catering to customers who love the world of fashion.

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Band & Bezel Watch Straps 

Band & Bezel has a strong commitment to quality with its range of handcrafted straps made from sustainable leather. They specialize in creating custom straps that fit your wrist size and style preferences. Their focus on genuine quality materials ensures every leather watch strap or nylon strap stands out. Band & Bezel’s products, especially their Seatbelt NATO straps and FKM rubber strap collection made for Apple watches, are perfect for those seeking a strap that combines innovative design with a nod to traditional craftsmanship. 

  • Product Range: Band & Bezel's collection includes two-piece leather straps and pass-through NATO straps. Their range covers different strap styles, including standard NATO, seatbelt NATO, and ribbed NATO, as well as premium leather straps.

  • Material and Sourcing: The leather used in Band & Bezel’s straps is sourced from the finest tanneries in France and includes options like Horween Leather Co.'s Chromexcel, Badalassi Carlo Wax veg leather, and Martino. For their NATO straps, they offer various types of nylon, including standard, seatbelt-like, and ribbed, catering to different preferences.
  • Size and Customization: Band & Bezel offers straps suitable for lug spacings of 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm. The tapering on their leather straps varies, providing a more pronounced taper at the buckle side for certain sizes, which can be an important factor for customers looking for a specific fit and style.
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    Strap Mill Canada Watch Straps 

    Known for its diverse collection, Strap Mill Canada offers everything from leather straps to nylon watch straps. Their products, designed in Canada and made with quality materials sourced globally, cater to a wide range of wrist sizes. Customers appreciate their commitment to quality, reflected in each meticulously crafted strap. Whether you need a custom strap or a standard one, their product range and customer service are commendable. 

    • Product Range: Strap Mill Canada offers a diverse range of watch straps including leather straps, seatbelt straps, nylon straps, single pass straps, 2-piece nylon straps, SMC rubber straps, and various accessories. They also have an "As-Is / Clearance" section for discounted items.

    • Quality and Variety: The range demonstrates Strap Mill Canada's dedication to providing a variety of strap types. The inclusion of different materials like leather, nylon, and rubber offers customers a broad choice to suit various styles and watch types.

    • Design and Colours of Straps: Strap Mill Canada watch straps feature a huge variety of unique designs and colours such as Bordeaux and Tidal Wave patterns. 

    Whether it’s a leather strap for a dress watch or a durable nylon strap for a sports watch, these Canadian companies offer excellent options. The average price, shipping costs, and return policy of both companies also make them accessible to watch collectors in the United States and beyond. 

    Strap Mill Canada and Band & Bezel both offer extensive collections of high-quality Canadian watch straps. While Strap Mill Canada provides a wide variety of strap types with a focus on design and affordability, Band & Bezel specializes mainly in NATO straps and leather watch straps custom, handcrafted, ensuring genuine comfortability for every watch collector.

    Band & Bezel's expansive collection of artisan-crafted Canadian leather watch straps features quality options sourced from leading tanneries: Badalassi Carlo Tannery and Horween Leather Company. Experience the epitome of quality and craftsmanship with our leather straps. Enjoy fast, free shipping on all orders, backed by a 1-year warranty and our guarantee of genuine watch strap materials.