Leather Watch Straps: Five Key Care & Maintenance Tips

A leather watch strap is a classic accessory that adds an unmatched level of sophistication for any occasion. That is why it is no surprise that leather has transcended history as a simple and effective way to elevate almost anything to a level of luxury. Although Band & Bezel leather straps are highly durable and have a high level of water resistance, its longevity hinges on appropriate care.

Have you wondered how vintage leather goods can still look new and pristine new despite being around harsh elements through decades? We have outlined below five simple steps to ensure your leather watch strap stays in prime condition and serve you for many years to come:

Protect from Water and Exposure to Sunlight

Genuine leather doesn't play well with water or excessive sunlight. Keep your leather straps dry and store them away from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may result in color fading and dryness. After contact with water, immediately dry the leather gently with a clean microfiber cloth.

Regular Cleaning and Conditioning

Sweat, dirt, and skin oils can degrade the strap over a period of time causing unpleasant odor and water damage. Basic leather care means cleaning your straps every few weeks by delicately wiping them with a damp cloth, then drying them with a dry microfiber cloth. We recommend conditioning the strap lightly with leather conditioning products every few months to maintain the leather material's flexibility and prevent cracking.

Use Your Watch Collection Wisely

Daily wear can affect the leather strap's durability and life due ordinary physical activity and the strap's friction with your skin. Give your watches a breather by rotating them with others in your collection. This process helps any leather strap recover from moisture, wear and tear, extending its life and reducing signs of wear.

Handle with Special Care

Any intensive cleaning for or adjustments made to the leather strap should be made with the appropriate tools to avoid scratching or damaging it. Use light pressure when handling the leather band to avoid tears and accidental damage. Only use gentle soap and minimal water to remove buildup of sweat and bacteria that could result in bad odor. If in doubt, take the leather product to a professional.

Mindful Storage and Use

Store your watches and straps in a cool, dry place away from harsh chemicals that might discolor or damage the strap. Including drops of leather conditioner in the maintenance cycle of your leather watch band, keeps the leather surface flexible and soft. Avoiding direct contact with perfumes, lotions, or cleaning products helps preserve the strap's quality and color.

Evidently above, keeping your leather watch strap doesn't mean frequent cleaning or using the top-of-the-line cleansers. By performing periodic and straightforward care, you can keep your leather strap in great shape. With Band and Bezel's five proper care and maintenance steps, your timepiece will transcend its function as a mere timekeeping device and evolve into a stylish accessory that only improves with time.

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