Every James Bond NATO Strap Used in Film

James Bond NATO straps have created a buzz not just in the Bond movies but among those interested in fashion. Here we feature every James Bond NATO Strap used in his films, which includes Goldfinger, Spectre, and No Time to Die.

In a franchise filled with fast cars, high-tech gadgets, and martinis--shaken, not stirred, it may come as a surprise that a watch strap would generate significant interest. Yet, that's exactly what the NATO strap has done, weaving itself into the fabric of James Bond's storied history. The NATO strap, from its military origins to its status as a fashion statement, has transcended its utilitarian roots to become a hallmark of Bond's ever-evolving style. Let's get started with NATO straps in the world of Bond, James Bond.

Why Does James Bond Wear a NATO Strap? 

Why Does James Bond Wear a NATO Strap?

Before delving deeper into James Bond's love of NATO straps, here's a brief history lesson about the development of these unique watch bands:

In 1973, The British Ministry of Defense introduced the authentic NATO strap as an alternative for its infantrymen to use in the field. Referred to as "G10," soldiers had to request a NATO strap through a G1098 requisition form, and thus the term "G10 strap" was coined. The term “NATO” comes from the NATO Stock Number used when ordering the strap. Made of a 20mm nylon band, this original strap was modest and breathable, designed to keep a soldier's watch from sliding around on the wrist. Chosen by the British Special Forces, this nylon watch strap has become an icon of Spartan ruggedness and simple reliability. 

The decision to equip Bond with this style of strap was likely a blend of practicality and aesthetic considerations. A nylon strap like this would have been durable and water-resistant, ideal qualities for a secret agent who finds himself in precarious situations. From an aesthetic standpoint, the watch and strap combo fit well with Bond's persona: rugged yet refined, practical yet stylish. 

Why did James Bond first wear a NATO strap, or at least something resembling one? The simple answer could be that it was a perfect fit for the character's mix of action-packed danger and undeniable style. It gave audiences a small but memorable detail to associate with the British superspy, adding another layer to the character's already rich persona. Let's trace the iconic journey of James Bond NATO straps through the eras.

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James Bond’s Multi-Colored NATO Strap in Goldfinger 

James Bond’s Multi-Colored NATO Strap in Goldfinger

In the 1964 film "Goldfinger," Sean Connery, the original James Bond 007, introduced us to the "original Bond NATO strap" paired with a Rolex Submariner. Though not an official NATO strap, the 1960s strap had a similar design—a single piece nylon strap that looped over and under the spring bars. The strap was a proto-NATO style with grey stripes. It was more akin to a RAF (Royal Air Force) strap, which also loops through the spring bars but is distinct from a NATO strap. The NATO strap as we know it wasn't introduced until 1973, nearly a decade after "Goldfinger" was released. 

The original “NATO strap” pattern was more of a mythical pattern with stripes that later became known as the "Bond NATO." Connery's Submariner strap was a nylon watch strap that had a unique color scheme with navy and red stripes, different from the standard strap issued by the military. This unique style watch strap had an excess strap portion, indicating its military strap roots.

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James Bond’s NATO Strap with Grey Stripes in Spectre 

James Bond’s NATO Strap with Grey Stripes in Spectre

Fast forward to the era of Craig Bond. In the 2015 film "Spectre," James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, is seen wearing an Omega Seamaster 300 on a black and gray striped NATO strap in marketing material. The color scheme of the NATO strap is a departure from the multi-colored straps seen in earlier Bond films, notably the one worn by Sean Connery in "Goldfinger."  

Although James Bond wears a different watch strap in the film itself, the NATO straps used in promotional efforts were quality watch straps featuring a stainless-steel buckle. Produced by premium watch straps manufacturers, these straps were far removed from the original strap seen in "Goldfinger." The Bond NATO strap has now become a coveted item in collections, offered by various strap retailers and setting modern fashion trends.

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James Bond’s NATO Strap with Grey & Beige in No Time to Die 

James Bond’s NATO Strap with Grey & Beige in No Time to Die

In "No Time to Die" (2021), the last James Bond film featuring Daniel Craig, Bond wears an Omega Seamaster 300M Co-Axial Master Chronometer 42mm 007 Edition. This watch is presented on a "Milanese" mesh bracelet but is often showcased with a brown, grey, and beige striped NATO strap engraved with "007" on the loop.  

This James Bond NATO strap featured in “No Time to Die” added a rugged and somewhat vintage feel, fitting the darker and more intense mood of the film. Featuring fitted keepers, it was far more luxurious than its predecessors and aligned more closely with Omega's NATO-inspired straps. Unlike earlier Bond movies, this new strap was more in line with business brands offering watchband NATO watch straps that blend form and function.

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James Bond Watch Straps for Fans Around the World 

The James Bond NATO strap has seen numerous evolutions, paralleling the ever-changing character of 007 himself—from Sean Connery's trailblazing, yet historically inaccurate, nylon strap in "Goldfinger," to Daniel Craig's high-end, contemporary variations. These straps have journeyed from their initial military utility to become an epitome of both function and fashion, thanks to Bond's influence.

Today's market even offers luxurious adaptations like the ribbed and seatbelt NATO straps, adding a modern twist to the traditional design. Fans of gray stripes, stainless steel buckles, or high-end textured variations have a rich array of Bond NATO straps to choose from, each capturing a unique aspect of Bond's sleek appeal.

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